7 Helpful Tips for Buying a New Semi Trailer

The commercial truck industry can be a lucrative one if you have the right equipment, such as semi trailers. When you connect a semi trailer to your semi truck, your profit potential increases, along with your job acceptance potential.

Therefore, it’s only natural to consider buying a new semi trailer or upgrading from the one you already have. If you need a helping hand with this process, consider the following helpful tips and tricks.

Check Your Truck’s Compatibility

There is a wide variety of semi trucks on the market, each designed to suit different semi truck trailers. Before going ahead with the purchase of what you believe will be the best trailer for the job, take a moment to check your semi truck’s manual and vehicle description.

By understanding all the inner workings of your semi truck, you can be aware of any compatibility issues or restrictions that might limit the type of trailer you can buy.

Think About Your Loads

What you’re hauling now and the loads you’ll be carrying in the future can undoubtedly impact the type of semi trailer you buy. Think about what makes the most financial sense based on your carrying capabilities and preferences.

For example, a dry van model or refrigerated trailer will likely be the most suitable option if you predominantly haul for grocery chains. However, if you generally carry heavy machinery, a flatbed semi trailer might shoot to the top of your wish list.

Consider Driving Environments

Driving conditions vary throughout the United States, and a semi trailer that works well in one part of the country won’t necessarily perform at its best in another.

Think about weather conditions, terrain like steep or rough city highways and streets, and even the commercial trailer legal requirements on your driving route. The more you think about these details, the easier you might find it to make a purchasing decision.

Set a Budget

While you might have several semi trailer options at your disposal, that doesn’t mean all will be within your price range. One of the best ways to narrow your choices and speed up the shopping process is by setting a realistic budget.

The price of a semi truck trailer can depend on the manufacturer, size, features, and any upgrades you decide to buy. Once you have a price in mind and have made a plan for selling your current one, you can begin shopping in earnest.

How You’ll Finance It

While you might have an idea of how much you’d like to spend, that doesn’t mean you’ll have those funds readily available. Ensure you’ve considered finance options before visiting your local semi truck trailer dealership.

You might decide to sell your current trailer to a reputable buyer and use the funds as a deposit, or even explore your options around dealer or seller financing. Specialized finance companies, traditional banks, and credit unions might also be finance avenues you explore.

Who You’ll Buy It From

Buying a brand new semi truck trailer can require a different approach than buying used. Rather than dealing with whoever has a used trailer for sale, you typically approach a manufacturer or dealer who can help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Don’t be afraid to research your options to ensure you’re buying from a dealer you can trust. Read online reviews, check out websites, or even contact the manufacturer of your preferred model directly so they can point you in the direction of their recommended dealers. The more homework you do, the more satisfied you might be when signing on the dotted line.

Don’t Rush

When you’re in a hurry to sell your old semi truck trailer and buy a new one, it can be tempting to rush into a purchase. You need something that will suit your needs, and you need it relatively quickly!

However, rushing can be any truck driver’s downfall, especially when you haven’t taken the time to review your hauling needs now and into the future. The more time you spend planning, researching, and reviewing, the more confidence you might have in the semi truck trailer you finally buy.

Sell Today, Buy Tomorrow

Are you in the market for a brand new semi trailer? Now might be the right time to sell your old one that has now become excess to your requirements. Talk to the expert buy team at TruckVin about a fast, straightforward, and stress-free selling process.

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