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Traditional truck selling methods, such as auction, are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often risky. Not only do you usually have to sell with a low or no reserve, but you also have to get your truck to the auction and pay a hefty auction fee.

Selling privately is also generally not a convenient option, especially not for truck owners wishing to sell dozens of trucks simultaneously.

There’s a better way, and you can find out all about it by requesting a free quote from TruckVin.

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*Offer price does not apply to box trucks.
*Dump Trucks will have to be individually appraised.

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Truck Selling Process

How to Request a Free Quote From TruckVin

By using one of the many contact options on our website, you can be in near-immediate communication with one of our expert buy team reps. They can provide basic information about how the quotation process works before walking you through the (4) easy steps to selling a truck if you decide to take action.

Once you’ve contacted us, your buy team rep will request information and pictures, arrange a third-party inspection, and provide a competitive quote based on the information we receive and market conditions.

We can consider the current market prices, your individual truck’s condition, and other information to provide you with a competitive, fair offer.

Accepted Our Quote? Here’s What Happens Next

Selling such a large asset can seem like a daunting and complicated process, but TruckVin ensures that it’s not.

Our goal is to provide an easy online truck-selling service, which is why we’ve fine-tuned our processes to ensure it takes place in just (4) steps.

Submit a description and photos by email to our buy team

Receive an initial offer

Truck will be inspected by a third party

Send the necessary documents to receive your money

Why Choose TruckVin

Even though receiving a quote and selling your truck is an easy process through TruckVin, you may be wondering why you should choose us specifically.

An Experienced Team

We have the industry knowledge to handle small and large truck transactions. We are also a premier trusted partner of hundreds of fleets.


Industry Knowledge

We’re continually analyzing the market, checking retail and wholesale pricing, and looking at auctions and private sales to make sure we’re doing right by our truck sellers

Licensed & Insured

TruckVin wants to provide truck sellers with as much peace of mind as possible. We are a BBB-accredited company with licensing in Texas to conduct business in 48 states. We’re also insured and use licensed and insured third-party driveaway companies.

Competitive Offers

We perform thorough research to ensure competitive pricing. If you receive an offer you don’t believe is correct, you can reach out to our general manager for further reconsideration.