How to Make Your Semi Truck Worth More

It’s only natural to want to maximize your semi truck’s value. After all, if it’s worth more, you might receive more money for your next purchase if you decide to sell your semi truck in the future.

However, some changes, additions, and actions add more value than others, and there’s a genuine risk that you can invest in the wrong areas and not see a return. If you’re eager to maximize your sales price tag when selling your semi truck to the general public, consider taking some of the following actions.

Add Convenience Features

Think about what you find convenient as a truck driver and what contributes to a more comfortable and practical driving experience. For example, something as simple as a device charging port might add more value than you think. Cup holders, satellite TVs and radios for sleeper cabs, upgraded seats, and music device connectors might also be profitable additions.

Keep On Top of Maintenance and Repairs

Truck drivers are busy, and there isn’t always much time left over after a full driving shift to put effort and energy into maintenance and repairs. However, they can be pivotal for your safety as a driver, the health of your truck, and its potential resale value.

A truck that has been meticulously maintained and serviced over its lifetime is undoubtedly more reliable than one that hasn’t been. As a result, you might enjoy a higher sales price than if you tried to sell a truck with myriad expensive issues.

Sell It With Low Mileage

The lower your truck mileage, the less work it has done, and the more it can be worth. While maintaining low mileage might not seem possible if you’re an OTR trucker, it’s doable if you time your selling and buying right.

Upgrade your truck when its miles are low enough to make it desirable for purchasers. You can then upgrade to a new truck and repeat the process. Many business owners sell their large fleets and upgrade on a schedule to reduce their losses.

Keep It Clean and Tidy

Wear and tear is expected on a truck that is in daily use for long hours. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repair problems as they arise. For example, if regular usage leads to worn seats, consider contacting an upholsterer to make repairs and invest in seat covers to prevent this problem in the future.

The same goes for stone chips, damaged paint, and rust. Stay on top of these issues, and your truck can appear tidier and cleaner, contributing to a possibly higher resale value.

Drive It Responsibly

The average semi truck is capable of handling a wide range of driving environments, especially trucks from leading manufacturers like Freightliner, Kenworth, and International. Push them beyond their limits, and you might experience problems that cause a significant value drop when the time comes to divest your assets.

Take care of your truck by avoiding poor road conditions if possible, not over-towing, and not speeding. Driving within your truck’s capabilities might also result in fewer maintenance and repair costs over its lifetime.

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It can often be in your best interest to keep resale value in mind as soon as you drive your semi truck off the lot from brand new. You might then enjoy a meticulously maintained truck that’s worth more to the next purchaser when the time comes to sell.

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