How to Take Better Care of Your Truck Fleet

Being the owner or manager of a large trucking business or enterprise can sometimes be quite stressful. Not only are you often in charge of cargo reaching its destination safely, but you also have to manage your hired truck drivers and ensure their trucks are taken care of too.

There can be a lot to manage, and it’s easy to let some of the most basic tasks fall by the wayside. However, if you want to ensure your trucks remain in tip-top shape, here are some of the best things you can do for reliability and a lucrative sales price when the time comes to upgrade your fleet.

Check Fluid Levels Often

The average semi truck needs a lot of fluid to operate, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and fluids for the brakes and power steering, just to name a few. Healthy trucks don’t use much of these liquids, but you might not know just how healthy (or unhealthy) your trucks are unless you pay attention to these levels.

You, your mechanics, or your truck drivers should spend a few minutes on a regular basis checking fluid levels to see where they are. If you notice significant loss from the last scheduled check, you can identify excessive consumption or a leak before it becomes a much more severe problem.

Change Fluids Often

Checking fluid levels often is essential, but changing those fluids is just as important. How frequently you change them can depend on the weight of your loads, how many miles you drive, and the type of roads and environments you drive in, such as city traffic or highways.

While you might think you can save money by changing your fluids less often, it’s important to follow manufacturer recommendations. Otherwise, you might end up with problems that cost more than frequent fluid changes would.

Check Your Brakes

Truck drivers and fleet owners have a lot on their minds and a lot to worry about, such as fuel prices and law changes. However, even with so much going on, it’s crucial to remember to check your brakes.

Most truck drivers carry heavy loads, and their ability to stop could be the difference between life and death. Check your brakes often, replace them when they reach their minimum level, and check for uneven wear that might indicate the need for adjustments to improve braking performance.

Inspect Exterior Lighting

The average semi truck has running, signal, hazard, and brake lights. All of these should be working before you hit the road to ensure your safety and that of others. Before you or your truck drivers head off for a full day of driving, perform a walk-around to look for burnt-out bulbs. By replacing any non-working bulbs before you leave, you might avoid being pulled over by the authorities, which wastes time and money.

Check Tire Pressures

Poorly inflated tires can be a recipe for disaster. They cause your tires to wear unevenly, affect fuel economy, and even impact your level of traction. Check tire pressures often and ensure they’re appropriate based on manufacturer recommendations and the load you carry.

Make Sure All Safety Features Are Working

The average semi truck has an abundance of safety features designed to keep truck drivers safe on the road. Many enterprise trucking companies utilize such features for peace of mind and to possibly even benefit from lower insurance premiums.

However, safety features are only helpful if they work. Check cameras and sensors often and consult with technology companies if you’re unsure if what you have is working at its best.

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Taking care of your trucks is one of the best ways to keep truck drivers and other vehicle users safe on the road. However, a well-maintained truck might also ensure you can receive the best cash offer should you decide to sell.

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