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Episode #1:


Title: Welcome to The TruckVin.com Podcast

2022 was a roller coaster of a year in the transportation industry, and there’s a lot of speculation as to what will happen in 2023. Although we may not have that crystal ball, we can promise that we’ll be here every single step of the way. After an incredible year last year, we’re kicking off 2023 with a lot of exciting news at TruckVin.com.

Our team is still growing, and if you’re looking for opportunities, we would love to have you join our team. Or if you’re looking to sell your truck, then make sure you visit, TruckVin.com and submit your truck, and we’ll provide an offer good for seven days.

We also welcome you to this podcast, where you can expect a show to drop every Tuesday. Get the inside scoop on the transportation industry, growing your own company, and what it takes to make it to the top 1%.

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Episode #2:


Title: Private Wealth, Building the Future

When it comes to building your business, there are many meaningful business relationships you need to develop. However, only a few are as important as the relationship with your banker.

In this episode of The Truckvin.com Podcast, Zach Ellis is joined by Sr. Vice President at Origin Bank, Bill Kresser to talk about why the relationship between a banker and business owner is so important and what you should look for when selecting a bank.

Bill also talks about why the size of a bank matters when you’re starting to shop, as you want to make sure they’re small enough that they are willing to take your call when you need them to and work out a plan together. However, you also want to make sure that they’re big enough to handle the large deals that may happen in a short amount of time.

They also discuss the relationship aspect and what qualities business owners should look for when talking to potential bankers. This should be a relationship that goes both ways, and both parties are growing together.

Plus, Bill talks about what keeps him motivated and how he structures his day and routines to make sure every day is as successful as he a make it.

To connect with Bill, find him on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/billkresser/

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