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Episode #15: Trucking Industry News and Outlooks for Q4 2023

Welcome back to another episode of the Podcast!

In today’s episode, we have a lot to unpack as we discuss the latest happenings in the trucking industry. Host Zach Ellis dives into topics such as the future of autonomous trucks and the increasing interest in electric vehicles.

He also touches on the potential impact of the federal excise tax on truck purchases and provides insights into recent sales trends in the medium-duty and used truck markets.

Hopefully, as we enter Q4, we’re seeing the bottom of the market, with big promises for 2024.

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Episode #14: Reefer Rates, Watermelons, and the Struggle For Loyalty: Transportation Industry Updates

In the episode of the Podcast, our CEO, Zach Ellis, is talking about the changing dynamics of the retail truck market to the steady demand for vocational trucks, plus other trends he is seeing in the industry right now.

He talks about the trucking market rate, and the trucks he is seeing consistently

He’s also discussing pricing variations for dump trucks and specialty heavy haul trucks, the importance of loyalty and trust in the trucking industry, and the current state of freight volume. He also explores the potential UPS strike and its implications for nonunion employees, as well as the latest trends in the job market.

He also provides some valuable advice on selling trucks, including the consequences of pulling deals and the growing trends of the lack of loyalty, and why this is something you should avoid.

Episode #12: Thinking of Selling Your Semi Truck? What You Need To Know

The market still isn’t quite sure what it’s going to do, and it seems like every day in 2023 has been a bit different. However, through this uncertainty, we know there are times when you still may need to sell your used truck, and we’re happy to help you out with that.

In this episode of the podcast, CEO Zach Ellis breaks down the process of selling your used semi truck, and what you can expect should you decide you’re ready to move forward.

Here’s an inside look into our process:

Step 1: Go to and fill out the information. Based on what you provide, we’ll send over an offer.
Step 2: Once you accept the offer, we’ll send over a Docusign, and then you’ll schedule the inspection for your vehicle.
Step 3: Once the inspection is complete (and we never do the inspection ourselves, we always use a third party), we’ll get the inspection results within about 24 to 48 hours.
Step 4: A buy rep from our team will review for any issues and verify if anything needs to be fixed.
Step 5: We’ll just then confirm the wiring instructions, and it’s that easy.

Zach also talks about the current market, and his predictions for the second half of 2023. Plus he discusses why selling might be the best current option for you, even if you may not get top dollar for your truck.

Episode #11: How To Thrive in an Uncertain Market – Tips for the Trucking Industry

It’s June, and we still haven’t seen much stabilization in 2023. In this episode of the Podcast,’s CEO, Zach Ellis, is talking about the trends he has seen in the past month, in addition what’s happening in other industries that may affect the transportation industry.

Zach also discusses how hotels are making arrangements to help the work-from-home trend we say during the pandemic that continues to grow. He also discusses used truck pricing and the factors that have been driving costs.

Zach also talks about three things that you can do to stand out from your competition and grow in a time when everyone else seems to simply be surviving.

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Episode #10: Trucking Industry Trends: What You Need to Know

On this episode of Podcast, Zach Ellis is back discussing what’s happening in the transportation and trucking industries and what’s most important for those to know who are trying to thrive during uncertain times.

Zach dives into the increase in the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in the trucking space and informs listeners that six major manufacturers are already offering heavy-duty EVs. He also provides insights into JD Power’s report on the commercial vehicle market. The report states that used truck sales increased in March 2023 due to the difficulty in getting new trucks last year, which drove up new truck prices. Retail trucks from dealerships sold for an average of $76,102 in March 2023, with around 455,000 miles.

Finally, Zach mentions that there is a vast inventory of used sleeper trucks with higher-than-normal mileage, making it an “800-pound gorilla” in the used truck market.

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Episode #9: Navigating Market Changes: Tips for Trucking Companies

On this episode of The Podcast, Zach discusses one of the issues he sees across all industries, and one of the most important things you can do in a rocky economy, following up.

Zach shares his unique insights and process on how he tracks his daily habits, which allows him to focus on the levers that matter most in his business. He also discusses why it’s not just about saying you’re going to do a specific thing but making sure you’re following up on a consistent basis.

Zach also discusses current events in the trucking industry and the steps you can take as a business owner to make sure you’re following up consistently, standing out from your competition, and tracking progress toward your goals.

In times like what we’re in now, where the economy feels a bit rocky, this is the perfect opportunity to double down and stand out because your competitors may be pulling back on marketing dollars or sales staff. Now is your time to get more of the market share.

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Episode #8: What Happened During Q1 and How To Prepare for Q2 In the Trucking Industry

What goes up, must come down.

In 2022 we saw historically high rates for used trucks, fee rates, etc, many companies in the transportation industry made a lot of money. However, as we close out the first quarter of 2023, we’re seeing a steep decline in numbers throughout the industry, including freight rates with no end in near sight.

In today’s episode of the Podcast, CEO Zach Ellis breaks down some of the current data in the industry, and the average numbers as the first quarter of the year closes out. He talks about some of the big moves made in the industry, including Knight Swift’s buyout of U.S. Express. He talks about how the number used semi trucks for sale has nearly doubled in the last six months, and what you need to do to stay alive in an industry where companies are shutting down quickly.

He also talks about recent trends he is seeing in the industry with companies quickly trying to sell trucks and get bids, and why honesty and loyalty will always be a key factor.

Link to the video of the SVB Collapse:

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