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InTruckVin is America’s foremost truck buyer, providing truck owners with fair offers for their trucks throughout the United States. Alongside semi-trucks, box trucks, and specialty trucks, we can also assist with competitive offers for your semi-trailers.

Whether you have one semi-trailer to sell or several, contact the expert buy team at TruckVin to receive a fast, fair, cash offer for your assets.

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Sell Your Semi-Trailer to TruckVin

The average truck driver can sell their trucks and semi-trailers in many different ways, such as at auction, as a trade-in, or on the public market. However, the disadvantages of such methods often outweigh the advantages.

You might not receive as much as you had hoped, or you’re left waiting several weeks to receive your money. You might also encounter many tire-kickers when advertising your semi-trailer on the public market.

Through TruckVin, the sales process is much faster and easier. In fact, you can sell your semi-trailer in just (4) steps:

Selling Your Semi-Trailer in 4 Easy Steps with TruckVin

Contact TruckVin

When you decide to sell your semi-trailer, there’s only one thing to do: contact TruckVin. You can phone (855) 878-2520, fill out a form, or visit 900 Summit Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76102, to provide the expert buy team with photos and a description of the semi-trailer you have for sale.

Receive An Offer

After receiving information about your semi-trailer and organizing a third-party inspection, we can put the wheels in motion to provide you with a fast and fair offer. Our buy team looks at current available data and the latest market information to ensure you’re well taken care of.

Our offers are valid for (7) days, and if our cash price isn’t what you expected, you can reach out to our general manager for reconsideration.

Arrange Pickup

The trucking industry is fast-paced, and we know your time is precious. That’s why when you accept our offer, we take care of everything so that you can keep trucking.

We can arrange for our licensed and insured third-party driveaway partners to pick up your semi-trailer(s) from your location. Whether you’re in Pittsburgh, Portland, or anywhere in between, we can make it happen. TruckVin is conveniently licensed in 48 states for your peace of mind.

Receive Payment

While other sales methods might require you to wait a long time to receive the proceeds of your semi-trailer sale, that’s not the case with TruckVin. When we collect your truck, we can provide you with a cashier’s check or arrange payment via bank wire transfer. There’s no need to worry about waiting, bank drafts, or trade-in credit.

What Trailers Does TruckVin Buy?

Every truck is different, which means every semi-trailer is also bound to be different. You can rest assured that no matter what semi-trailer you have, you can receive a fast and fair offer for it.

Our expert buy team will look at:

  • Semi-trailers
  • Box or van trailers
  • Bus-bodied trailers
  • Car carrier trailers
  • Curtain siders/tautliners
  • Conestoga trailers
  • Flatbeds
  • Live bottom trailers
  • Dry bulk trailers
  • Drop-deck trailers
  • Double deckers
  • Lowboy trailers
  • Livestock trailers
  • Refrigerator tank trailers
  • Hopper bottoms
  • Inloaders
  • Tank trailers
  • And more…

Why Sell Your Semi-Trailer to TruckVin?

With so many sales options at your disposal, it’s only natural to question why you’d sell your semi-trailer to TruckVin in Texas. You might experience some of the following benefits:


Fast Offer

Once you provide us with details and photos of your semi-trailer, our buy team will carry out research to give you a fair offer. You won’t be waiting long to find out how much you can sell your semi-trailer for.

Fast Sale

The faster you sell your semi-trailer, the sooner you can upgrade to a new one. Our buy team will provide you with a cash offer as quickly as possible, valid for (7) days.

Fast Payment

We don’t make you wait for your cash. As soon as we collect your semi-trailer, we can provide you with a cashier’s check or bank wire transfer.

24/7 Customer Service

Whether you’re a first-time client, repeat client, single service operator, or fleet owner, we provide service when it suits you.

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Sell Your Semi-Trailer to TruckVin in Texas Today

No matter where you are in the United States, you can expect a fast, fair, and convenient semi-trailer selling process. If the time has come to upgrade your fleet, contact TruckVin by phoning  (855) 878-2520, fill out a form, or visiting 900 Summit Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76102.