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Ready to sell your truck? We’re ready to buy it.

TruckVin is proud to be America’s foremost truck buyer, renowned for competitive offers and convenient pickup service for single owner-operators, small fleets, large fleets, and enterprises across the nation.

Whether you have one truck to sell or an entire fleet of trucks, we can put our best offer forward when the time comes to divest your assets.

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Whether you have a single truck or an entire fleet to sell, we have a service ready to take care of you.

Truck Buying Services for Single Service Operators

When you’re a single service operator with one truck operating at all times, you don’t have time to negotiate with general public purchasers, and we ensure you don’t have to.

TruckVin provides a quick, convenient service to avoid the risks and hassle often associated with trade-in negotiations and auction administration. We can deliver a cash offer based on your description and truck photos, then arrange payment as a cashier’s check or via bank wire transfer.

Our experienced team will then organize a third-party driveaway company to collect and deliver your truck from anywhere in the United States.


Truck Buying Services for Small Trucking Fleets

If you’re a small business running a few trucks, we understand your time is precious. Our goal is to work at your speed, and provide you with a competitive offer that’s valid for (7) days.

Our process is the simplest process in the truck buying industry and we aim to make every transaction stress free for our clients.

Take your time to decide what’s best for you, then contact our expert buyers. We can then arrange the entire sale online with no wait time, no hassle, and no back-and-forth.


Truck Buying Services for Large Trucking Fleets

There can be a lot of paperwork involved in selling trucks, especially when you’re selling them to individual buyers, a dealer as part of a trade-in deal, or in an auction.

We understand the common issues truck sellers face and attempt to combat them. As America’s foremost truck buyer, we can put together a competitive deal based on your provided information and a detailed market analysis.

This deal is valid for (7) days to give you time to think about it in a no-pressure environment. When you accept the offer, we’ll provide a cashier’s check or payment via bank transfer when we arrange collection anywhere in the United States.


Truck Buying Services for Enterprise Trucking

TruckVin caters to small trucking businesses and large trucking fleets, but we’re also renowned for our expertise in enterprise trucking. Leave the logistics up to us, and we’ll look at retail and wholesale pricing, private party sales, and auction outcomes to determine a competitive price for your entire fleet.

Upon accepting the offer, we can transport or move your equipment with third-party driveaway companies that match our insurance and licensing requirements. Payment is then provided by bank transfer or cashier’s check for your convenience.

Selling Your Truck in 4 Easy Steps with TruckVin

Whether you’re a single operator, small trucking fleet, a large trucking fleet, or an enterprise fleet, we can’t wait to provide a convenient, fast, and stress-free truck selling experience.

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Send us photos and descriptions of your truck(s).

Wait For An Offer

We’ll contact you as soon as possible with a competitive offer based on the latest market information. This offer is valid for (7) days.

Arrange Pickup

Our expert buyers will arrange for a licensed and insured third-party driveaway company to pick up your truck(s) from your location – from Pittsburgh to Portland and everywhere in between. We are licensed in 48 states.

Receive Payment

We provide fast and secure payment via cashier’s check or bank wire transfer when we collect your trucks. You don’t even need to worry about the hassle of trade-in credit, waiting, or bank drafts.

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A Superior Truck Selling Experience

Selling your truck shouldn’t be a chaotic, stressful experience. TruckVin makes sure that it’s not. When you’re ready to upgrade your fleet, contact us to learn about your options. We do our best to make sure the entire selling process is smooth, stress-free, and efficient.

Call our buy team on (855) 878-2520, email, or visit 900 Summit Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76102, today.