Enterprise Trucking

Enterprise trucking companies with fleets of 400 to 1,500 trucks want speed, convenience, and a fair price when they decide to sell their trucks. Let TruckVin make that happen.

Why Enterprise Trucking Companies Work With TruckVin

When the time comes for your enterprise trucking company to divest your assets, you likely want a fast, easy, and stress-free process. Very few sales methods tick that box. Auction results can be inconsistent, and you often have to pay hefty auction fees once the deal is done. Selling to individual buyers is also not a preferred option when you’re trying to sell hundreds of trucks at once.

Truck enterprises love working with TruckVin because our company does one thing – buy trucks. We are a BBB accredited business licensed in Texas to transact business across all 48 states and can organize deals across the nation in a matter of days.

Our buy team reps are efficient, our processes are straightforward, and we offer competitive cash offers that you can put toward the purchase of new trucks to bolster your fleet.


Upgrade Your Enterprise Trucking Fleet

Know When It’s Time To Sell Your Enterprise Semi-Truck Fleet

Enterprise trucking operators have hundreds, over even thousands of truck in their fleet at any given time. Logistically speaking, trying to sell such a large fleet at once to be able upgrade all the semi-trucks quickly can be a daunting task.

However, TruckVin is here to help! Our expert buying team is able to handle the acquisition of enterprise fleets so that an operator isn’t stuck trying to find countless buyers in a slow sell off. Contact us today for a free quote on your fleet!

How Does TruckVin’s Selling Process Work?

Whether you’re an enterprise trucking firm, a small business, or even a sole driver with one truck, our process remains the same.

In just four steps, you can have your truck sold and money in your bank, ready to move on with the next stage of your business.

Contact Us

After exploring our website to see what we can do for you, you may like to contact us with information and photos of your trucks. Our buy team reps will be in touch to talk about the trucks you have for sale and can even arrange for a third party to perform inspections.

Contacting us is easy. Simply phone (855) 878-2520, visit us at 900 Summit Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76102, or email your general inquiries to buy@truckvin.com. If you require immediate assistance or after-hours service, make use of our live chat button. You can also find out more information about us and what we can do for you in the FAQ section of our website.

Receive An Offer

Once our buy team reps have researched the current market and reviewed information relating to your fleet, they can send you a competitive cash offer. This offer is valid for (7) days, which means you have plenty of time to discuss it with other shareholders and business owners before making an informed decision.

If the offer isn’t what you expected, you can also contact our general manager for further reconsideration. We are entirely transparent about our processes and how we calculate our competitive offers.

Organize Collection

Whether you have 100 trucks or 1,000 trucks, we do our best to make sure collecting your trucks is a stress-free experience. We handle the entire process from start to finish, which involves organizing a licensed and insured driveaway company to manage the pickup logistics. Wherever you are in the United States, we can make it happen.

Receive Payment

With checks performed, an offer accepted, and pickup organized, all that’s left for us to do is pay you for your enterprise’s trucks. When we take over ownership of your trucks, we provide you with a bank wire transfer or cashier’s check. There’s no need to worry about bank drafts, long wait times, or trade-in credit.

Get Top Dollar For Your Enterprise Truck Fleet

Utilize TruckVIN To Get The Best Price For Your Entire Trucking Fleet

Trying to sell an entire enterprise trucking fleet at one once can be extremely difficult as most buyers either don’t have the cash flow or staffing capacity to be able to handle so many semi-trucks. Our team includes expert buyers that review the market as a whole, and they utilize the data they find along with pictures and information provided by the client to be able to offer the most accurate quote possible.

Upon receiving your offer, typically within 24 hours, the offer on your enterprise trucking fleet is good for 7 days. This gives you a proper time frame to consider the offer and whether or not it’s right for your business.

Get Started Today

Sell Your Truck to TruckVin Today

TruckVin is America’s foremost truck buyer and a trusted partner to thousands of fleets throughout the United States. We work with small businesses, large corporations, and every business model in between. Our goal is to learn your needs, close a deal quickly for your benefit, and be involved in a transaction that our clients describe as memorable and financially satisfying.

Our relationships with enterprise trucking companies, in particular, have been mutually beneficial. With a large credit facility and liquidity, we’re able to close deals quickly, regardless of whether you’re selling several hundred trucks or even 1,000.

If the time has come to liquidate, update, or downsize, contact TruckVin. We’re ready and waiting to guide you through the straightforward and convenient truck sales process anywhere in the United States.