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What Is a Single Service Operator?

In the truck driving industry, a single service operator is a small business operating between one and five trucks with equally as many drivers. You might be a sole operator working with one truck and making a living managing everything yourself. Alternatively, you might be in charge of a few truck drivers and their rigs, covering all truck-related costs and paying your drivers a wage or salary to drive for you.

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Is It Time to Sell Your Trucks?

It’s not always easy to know when it’s the right time to sell your trucks. However, if you’re a small business owner, you likely know your fleet intimately enough to know when an upgrade is in your near future.

Generally, most small and large business owners consider selling their trucks when they reach a certain number of miles on the clock. At this point, you may not want to concern yourself with the extra administration involved in more frequent maintenance checks.

A desire for the latest technology in new semi-trucks may also drive your decision to sell your trucks in the US and purchase the latest and greatest on the market. Truck technology is changing all the time, and you may even get into the habit of upgrading on a regular schedule.


Selling your truck should be a fast, easy, and straightforward process whether you own one or 100.

TruckVin, as America’s foremost truck buyer, allows every business owner, large or small, to make such decisions with ease. While you’re waiting for this process to play out, you can be lining up new trucks ready to take the place of your old ones without the hassle and stress of auction administration or trade-in negotiations.

Why Sell Your Truck to TruckVin?

Deciding to sell your truck or your entire fleet is a significant decision to make, and you may not know how you want to navigate this process. Before you make any final decisions, take a moment to learn why selling your trucks to TruckVin may be one of the best choices you make for yourself and your business.


One buyer, one person to communicate with.

We Pick Up

Our licensed and insured third-party driveaway company collects your trucks from anywhere in the United States.

Licensed & Insured

We’re a professional business offering a professional service, so we’re licensed and insured for all truck-buying processes from start to finish.

Competitive Pricing

Expert buyers rely on market information and the latest sales data to provide a competitive offer.

24/7 Customer Service

Whether you’re a first-time client, repeat client, single service operator, or fleet owner, we provide service when it suits you.

Fast and Secure Payment

Receive a cashier’s check or wire bank transfer when we collect your truck.


How to Get the Best Pricing For Your Trucks

As a single service operator, you want to ensure you’re able to receive as much money as possible for your trucks while putting in as little effort as possible. TruckVin makes that their priority.

Our expert buyer team taps into all available market information to determine how much your truck is worth. We also take into account the information you’ve told us and the photos you’ve provided. We provide a cash offer based on this information in as little as 24 hours.


Sell Your Truck to TruckVin Today

It’s never easy deciding to sell or upgrade your fleet, particularly when there can be so much paperwork and money involved. Rest assured that TruckVin is ready to walk you through the process every step of the way while making sure it’s fast, easy, and requires minimal effort on your part.

Why not get started today? It all starts with a phone call. Phone (855) 878-2520, email, or visit 900 Summit Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76102.

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