Upgrade Your Enterprise Truck Fleet for These Important Reasons

Enterprise truck companies run dozens, if not hundreds, of trucks daily, with experienced truck drivers at the helm. They work hard to establish themselves as reputable goods transporting businesses and do this through marketing, high-quality trucks, and professional drivers.

However, wear and tear is a given when you travel thousands of miles each week, and your once-sparkling fleet of trucks can start to look second-hand. While they are still more than suitable for the average truck company to run, you might consider selling your semi trucks and upgrading your fleet for some of the following reasons.

Take Advantage of Safety Features

Truck safety features are constantly being upgraded, which means even some of the newest trucks on the market don’t yet have all available features as standard. While you could invest heavily in truck modifications to ensure your drivers have them, upgrading your fleet and purchasing new big rigs with everything your drivers need for safe travels can sometimes be just as worthwhile.

When you upgrade to some of the latest commercial trucks on the market, you enjoy a range of standout safety technology like:

  • Driver alert systems
  • Forward collision warning systems
  • Electronic stability control
  • Rearview cameras
  • AI-powered applications
  • Telematics
  • Dash cams

Retain Your Best Drivers

Truck drivers are in demand, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that heavy and tractor-trailer driver employment is projected to grow 4% from 2021 to 2031. Some news sources are also saying that the United States is experiencing a shortage of approximately 80,000 drivers.

When experienced and qualified drivers have so many job opportunities available to them, they might not be eager to drive for a company that doesn’t provide its drivers with the most reliable, safest, and most comfortable trucks available.

You might still run high-quality trucks in your enterprise fleet, but consider upgrading them often to ensure this remains the case. You might then retain your best workers long into the future.

Maintain Your Corporate Image

You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising, marketing, and promotion each year, but it might not have the desired effect if your fleet isn’t in excellent condition. Maintain your corporate image by divesting your older assets and purchasing newer ones.

You can also benefit from better fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint when you purchase new trucks. This might bode well if you’ve decided to include sustainability in your business goals.

Save Money

Running an enterprise truck fleet can be expensive, especially when you factor in the price of a truck purchase, driver wages to keep it running, and maintenance expenses. However, newer trucks tend to require less maintenance than older trucks. The more time you can keep your big rig on the road, the more money your drivers can make for you to offset some of those costs.

Get into the habit of selling old trucks and purchasing new ones on a set schedule, and you might enjoy monetary savings you didn’t think were possible.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Truck insurance can be expensive, with owner-operators having to fork out thousands of dollars each year. Any savings can help, which is why enterprise fleet owners might consider upgrading their fleet. You might benefit from reduced premiums when you purchase new trucks with advanced features due to their increased safety on the road.

Sell Your Enterprise Truck Fleet to TruckVin Today

Selling an enterprise truck fleet sounds like a lot of time, effort, and stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Talk to the expert buying team at TruckVin about your sales options. We can offer cash for your fleet so that you’re free to upgrade your commercial trucks in a timeframe that works for you. Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today.

TruckVin is America’s Foremost Truck Buyer! As a trusted partner to thousands of fleets across the nation, you can rest assured we’re professionals when it comes time to divest your assets.

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