What Truckers Are Looking For In 2023

The trucking industry is changing all the time, and the most desirable truck one year might be far less desirable the next. The same goes for driving conditions, wages, technology, and other factors.

The ever-evolving industry can be frustrating when you’re in the market to buy or sell a commercial truck. You might not know what’s in demand, what no longer isn’t, and what might be in the future to gauge a price tag for your used semi truck or a budget for what you want to spend. If 2023 is the year you’ll make significant buying and selling decisions, it can be worth understanding what truckers are looking for.

Creature Comforts

Truckers can spend at least 11 hours driving their trucks per shift, not counting the time they sleep in there and waiting to start moving after abiding by hours-of-service regulations. The last thing any trucker wants is to spend that time in an uncomfortable space without creature comforts, which is why they’re so important.

In a survey carried out by Truckers News, most truck drivers wanted a special seat that could improve their comfort over extended driving hours. They also preferred having an auxiliary power unit, a larger sleeper area, and a late-model truck. Automated transmission was also a preference for 17% of drivers, as well as satellite radio and TV for 37% and 24% of truckers, respectively.

The Best  Technology

Multiple studies have shown that the best safety technology can contribute to reduced fatalities on the road. So, it makes sense for truck drivers in 2023 to prioritize safety technology when purchasing a new semi truck after selling their old one.

More than half of surveyed truck drivers believed forward-facing cameras had the most significant impact on truck driver safety, closely followed by electronic logging devices. Lane departure warning systems were also helpful, as were collision mitigation systems, lane-keeping systems, and speed limiters. Driver-facing cameras and telematics were seen as the least impactful at 10% and 6%, respectively.

Fortunately, if you’re not quite ready to sell your truck, many different safety devices can be retrofitted to make your driving experience safer. They might also allow for a higher sales price should you decide to sell your semi truck in the future.

Truck Driver-Driven Trucks

There has been much interest in autonomous trucks, which are essentially trucks that drive themselves. Some are already being tested, and some truck drivers are fearful that they might one day take over the job of truck drivers.

However, most truck drivers aren’t too worried. They believe that truck driver-operated trucks will continue to be preferred by companies for many years to come. In a survey, most company drivers and leased owner-operators said that they didn’t think autonomous trucks would be widely deployed. One-quarter of company drivers said they thought there would always be a need for truck drivers.

If your decision to buy or sell is based on whether there’ll still be a demand for truck driver-driven trucks, you might feel confident in your buying and selling decision knowing there likely will be.

Electric Semi Trucks

Many truck drivers won’t be convinced to drive an electric semi truck if they have the choice between electric and diesel. There can be great fear associated with the unknown.

Even though electricity is cheaper than diesel and electric semi trucks don’t typically require the same level of maintenance as diesel-powered trucks, it might still be a number of years until they’re commonplace in all truck fleets.

However, that’s not to say some truck companies aren’t already making the switch. A Norway-based earthmoving company whose trucks travel short distances already plans to have a zero-emissions electric fleet by 2025. Currently, nearly half of his fleet is already electric.

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