Why Do People Buy Box Trucks?

Box trucks come in all shapes and sizes, such as light-duty box trucks, medium-duty box trucks, and trucks with various rolling, hinged, and side doors, built-in cargo shelving, and built-in ramps. The expansive range of options means they’re suitable for a wide range of people. But who are these people, and what are they buying box trucks for? They are in hot demand for some of the following reasons.  

For Storage Facility Use

Storage facilities are businesses that offer storage garages, containers, and rooms for people who need to store excess goods somewhere safe. Many storage businesses make their businesses more desirable by purchasing box trucks to hire out to people moving their goods from their homes or companies into the storage facility. Typically, storage businesses buy light-duty box trucks as they don’t always require a commercial driver’s license to drive.

For Moving Purposes

Unlike standard car trailers, box trucks are covered and protect anything stored inside. This can provide much-needed relief for home and business owners on the move. Rather than having to make your move weather-dependent, you can hire a box truck and move your goods quickly and safely, whether it’s raining or not.

Both hire companies and moving companies own box trucks for this reason. Hire companies can charge a premium for home and business owners to lease their trucks, and moving companies can use them to help people move without having to hire people with commercial driver’s licenses.

For Goods Deliveries

If you’ve ever purchased oversized furniture or appliances from retail stores, then you’re likely familiar with how frustrating the collection process can be. If you don’t own a pickup truck or car trailer, you often have to borrow one and do all the heavy lifting to get your new purchase home.

Retail business owners understand this frustration and make it much easier for shoppers. If you aren’t able to transport oversized goods home yourself, you can pay a shipping fee and have the business use its own box trucks to deliver them to your home. Most of the time, they’ll even assist with setting up furniture and appliances in your home.

To Deliver Parcels

Parcel delivery is increasing yearly, with 159 billion parcels shipping worldwide in 2021 alone. Many mail delivery service providers hire people with car licenses to drive box trucks for fast and easy package delivery.

As you can purchase box trucks with built-in cargo shelving and ramps, they are an ideal addition to any package delivery business’s fleet. It also doesn’t hurt that most light-duty box trucks are of conservative dimensions, which means they’re more than suitable for driving down the average residential street and parking in house driveways.

For Newspaper Delivery

Newspapers are heavy, especially when ordered in bulk for convenience stores. Often, newspaper businesses buy box trucks to deliver bulk newspaper orders to stores that will then onsell them individually to customers. Alternatively, they’ll outsource delivery to a company that already owns box trucks for delivery services.

Sell Your Box Truck to TruckVin Today

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