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America’s Foremost Truck Buyer

TruckVin is America’s foremost truck buyer. As a trusted partner to thousands of fleets across the nation, you can rest assured we’re professionals when it comes time to divest your assets.

TruckVin also prides itself on offering a direct, streamlined, and efficient service with prompt payment made a priority. Our experienced buy team representatives are excited to learn your exact needs to close quickly, with a transaction that’s both memorable and financially satisfying.

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Get a Fast, Fair Offer For Your Commercial Truck​

We’ll always put our best offer forward, presenting a fair offer based on current market trends. Our offers are in writing and good for (7) days, which means you don’t have to feel rushed into making a decision. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Pickup From Any Location​

From Pittsburgh to Portland and everywhere in-between, our team has purchased trucks nationwide. TruckVin organizes a licensed and insured driveaway company to coordinate the logistics of pick-up. Simply share the location details with your buy team rep, choose the best time for pickup, and we’ll make it happen.

Fast, Easy, Secure Payment​

TruckVin set out to captivate the market in a large capacity. Our liquidity and partnership with a large credit facility have enabled us to close quickly on transactions of any size. Payment is usually made via bank wire transfer or cashiers’ check upon acceptable inspection.

Convenient Customer Service 24/7​

Selling a truck can be a daunting and exhausting experience. Our FAQ tab provides answers to almost any questions you may have pertaining to the process of selling your trucks. Have another question? Feel free to reach out to your buy team representative. If you’re contacting us after hours, use our chat button for immediate assistance.

Who is TruckVIN?

TruckVin is a brand founded on core roots of providing a better solution for an ever-changing industry.

“The Future of Fleet Transactions” or “America’s Foremost Truck Buyer” TruckVin is a brand founded on core roots of providing a better solution for an ever-changing industry. We saw a better way to cater for both fleet and owner-operator trucks, so we decided to make the decision even easier.

Our team understands the process of putting new trucks into service, decommissioning old trucks, and quickly closing a transaction. The process has been simplified to (4) steps to complete the sale of your tractor(s). Trust the team at TruckVin to deliver!

TruckVin has purchased thousands of trucks, from coast to coast, but one factor remains the same: we serve our customers. Trucking companies are incredibly busy on a daily basis, and we understand this.

When you’re ready to sell, we’ll be here, just as we are for every other customer we serve. Provide us a timeline of how fast you’re able to divest the assets, along with a contact, and we’ll progress forward at a pace that’s best for you.

We can then arrange the entire sale online with no waiting and no back-and-forth.

What You Can Expect From TruckVin

Expect the best, and get it. From customers that rave about TruckVin on Google to in-person interviews with clients that have had negative experiences with other independent dealers, trust the team at TruckVin to deliver. We have dozens of verified Google reviews and are BBB Accredited for your peace of mind.


An Experienced Team

TruckVin was formed in December 2020, but our team has been in the industry since 2015, making a difference in the lives of owner-operators and fleet owners. With a simplified process and reliable purchasing partner, TruckVin is the premier trusted partner of hundreds of fleets today.

Industry Knowledge

We analyze the market, including current retail and wholesale pricing, auction, and private party sales, to offer an unmatched experience. Using relevant and current data, we can ensure you receive the most money for your truck(s).

Licensed & Insured

TruckVin is licensed in Texas to transact business in all 48 states. We’re also insured for even the largest of transactions. All equipment is moved or transported by third-party driveaway companies that match our licensing and insurance qualifications.

Competitive Offers

Offers are based on current, available data, including pricing, features, and availability. The description given to our buy team helps ensure you receive the most for your truck(s). If the offer you received wasn’t what you expected, make sure to reach out to our General Manager for additional reconsideration.